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Magnetisation Carbon monoxide CHEMICAL-VAPOR-DEPOSITION Black crust CARBON Back-illuminated CMOS Arsenic alloys MnAs Bi-quantum-dot molecules 7820Ci Coherent scattering Molecular beam epitaxy Spintronic Carbon 7840-q ABSORPTION FINE-STRUCTURE Bi layers X-ray diffraction Blocking temperature Metamaterials Applied physics Pulsed laser deposition Magnetic epitaxial layers Gallium oxide Adsorption Electronic properties 8575−d 2D Soft X-ray detector GRAPHITE Thin films Epitaxial growth Charge transfer Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy Ferromagnetic materials ZnSe Interfaces Crystal structure Spectroscopie vibrationnelle 7547Lx Optical properties Oxygen deficiency Soft X-ray scattering Ab initio calculations Bianisotropy Indium oxide Chemical vapor deposition processes Vertical epitaxy Defects Nanowires Ferromagnetic resonance Magnetic anisotropy Radiation hardness Amorphous silicon nanoparticles Ellipsometry Coherent diffraction Nanostructured materials X-ray detectors Bi2Se3 Anatase Quantum efficiency SCMOS camera Coercive force Paramagnetic materials GLAD Quantum dots Magnetic domains Beta-silicon-carbide Coercivity CoNi alloys 7525−j PIEnergie Metal-insulator transition Calcium compounds Cobalt 8105Gc Nucleation Band structure 8115Cd Magnetic films Body-centered cubic alloy Band alignment Thin film Ptychography Bilayers Chromium films 7820-e Nanostructures Back illuminated CMOS Brillouin light scattering Atomic force microscopy Magnetic materials Epitaxy Chemical vapour deposition Self-assembly Spintronics Segregation Photoluminescence Manganese compounds Channel-spark 6855Ln