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Coherence N-heterocyclic carbenes Lattice constants Photo-crystallography Dienes Alkynes Bis-cyclometallated complexes Regioselectivity And phase transitions Iron X-ray absorption spectroscopy Applied physics Photoinduced transition Boron Anion-ordering transition Crystallographic aspects of phase transformations Biological evaluation Magnetic properties Intersystem crossing Charge transfer Alkane/urea Crystallographic superspace Phase transition Beam choppers Femtochemistry BOND And nanoscale systems structure and nonelectronic properties Spin transition Diffuse scattering 8CB Alcane/urée Acetylenic compounds RELAXATION Neutron scattering Au nanoclusters Density functional calculations Structure elucidation X-Ray diffraction Ultrafast spectroscopy Luminescence Apériodicité Calixarenes Crystallography Cooperativity Cavitands Blue phosphors Palladium Heterometallic complexes Crystal structure Allylic substitution ACL Polymorphism Photoinduced ALKALI-METAL-ION X-ray diffraction Pressure effects Time resolved spectroscopy Bins Spin crossover TTF-CA Neutron diffraction High pressure 10-phenanthroline Photomagnetism Dynamical structural science Diffraction Avalanches Biphenyl Time-resolved X-ray scattering Biological sciences Biochemistry Biophysics Photocrystallography Copper Laser spectroscopy Nonequilibrium processes Gold Inorganic compounds AP Absorption spectroscopy Time-resolved diffraction LIESST Inclusions Alkane/urea crystals Anti-bacterial activity Photochemistry Amino acids Bond cleavage Differential scanning calorimetry Ab initio calculations Spin-crossover Femtosecond probes of molecules in solids and of molecular solids Monte Carlo methods Aperiodic composite crystals Organic compounds Phase transitions Time-resolved spectroscopy Space groups Synthesis chemical Aperiodicity Aperiodic crystals