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Department 4: Natural Language Processing & Knowledge Discovery

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Feature selection Text mining Semantic Web Dialogue Evaluation Information retrieval Modal logic Analogical proportion Speech production Audio source separation Linked Open Data Pattern structures Boolean function Statistical Machine Translation Apprentissage Algerian dialect Parsing FCA Belief revision ASR Adaptation Knowledge Bases Source separation Speech enhancement Speech Classification automatique Expressivity Proper names Sémantique Deep learning RDF Fouille de données Artificial Intelligence DNN Machine translation Arabic language Natural language processing Reconnaissance de la parole Robust ASR Automatic speech recognition Speech separation Prosody Crowdsourcing Robustness Knowledge Discovery Sound event detection Data mining Syntax Biclustering Classification Formal concept analysis Schizophrénie RDFS Corpus Pattern Structures Deep neural networks Clustering Semantics Out-of-vocabulary words Ethics Vocal tract Redescription mining Speaker verification Speech recognition Graph matching German Discourse Syntaxe Feature extraction Logic Machine Translation Transfer learning Natural Language Processing Ontology Linked data Semi-supervised learning Case-based reasoning Privacy Machine learning Word embeddings Pattern mining Language learning Deep neural network Voice conversion French Neural networks SVM Natural Language Generation Annotation Visualization Parole Computational linguistics Anonymization Texte Arabic dialects Dynamic epistemic logic Formal Concept Analysis Reverberation Syntax-semantics interface Graph rewriting