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Stickers 25JAN

Stickers from the 2011 Egyptian revolution

The encounter of the Arab Pop Culture and the Revolution. 
A revolutionary popular imagery of the 21st century?

Collection vbat (Vincent Battesti) --- objects collected (or purchased) in Cairo, Egypt, between March 22nd and April 22nd, and then in September 2011. Sold in the street by street vendors (hawkers), these stickers are designed and manufactured in Cairo. They all celebrate the revolution of 25 January. Are added to this collection a set of two cards / badges very popular, an Egyptian flag and Kleenex with the national colors.

This appearance of political stickers was unexpected - just as much as the Egyptian revolution was - by not fitting into any national or local tradition of stickers, nor into a recent tradition of political caricatures in the public space. Since then, this phenomenon has been short-lived.