, that the sequence or information is unavailable, and an asterisk indicates a newly obtained sequence, Herbarium acronyms follow Thiers, 2017.

, Odontites bocconii, vol.3664

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*. , K. Ku234912,--;-od150, ;. Georgia, . Ku216860, H. Od154 et al., Schneeweiss 8543 (WU028735), vol.8091

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. Od184, . Snogerup-s.n.-(p00685017), . Sweden, . Mf444621*, . Mf444445* et al.,

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. Od186, . Snogerup-s.n.-(p00685026), . Sweden, . Mf444617*, . Mf444447* et al.,

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L. Greece, . Ku216776, S. Ku234964,--;-od177, -. France, ,. Mf444465*,--,--,--;--,--,--,-italy et al., Bulgaria, MF444547*, MF444297*, KU216758, KU234830, KU234985; Od98, h, Bergmeier 4139 (B100271790)

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O. Linkii, Pop. 1 (3 ind.), Gücel s.n

O. Litoralis, Pop. 1 (4 ind, p.4495

, Pop, vol.2, issue.2

, Pop. 3 (1 ind

O. Luteus, Pop. 1 (3 ind.), Tribsch, p.13

, Pop. 5 (1 ind.), Rouhan, p.1098

, Pop. 6 (1 ind, vol.84

, Pop. 7 (1 ind.), Gaudeul, p.112

O. Maroccanus, Pop. 1 (7 ind.), Gaudeul, p.40

O. Powellii, Pop. 1 (3 ind.), Gaudeul, p.50

, Pop. 3 (1 ind.), Gaudeul, p.39

O. Pyrenaeus, Pop. 1 (2 ind.), Gaudeul, p.16

O. Recordonii, Pop. 1 (3 ind.), Gaudeul, p.20

O. Squarrosus, Pop. 1 (4 ind

O. Triboutii, Pop. 1 (5 ind

, O. vernus/vulgaris (small genome), Pop. 1 (2 ind.), Gaudeul, p.111

, Gaudeul, vol.8

, Pop. 3 (1 ind

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, Gaudeul, vol.120, issue.11

, Gaudeul, vol.14

. Pop, Gaudeul, vol.16

, Pop. 1 (1 ind.), Rouhan, p.734

, Pop. 3 (1 ind

, Pop. 5 (1 ind.), Gaudeul, p.115

O. Violaceus, Pop. 1 (3 ind

O. Viscosus, Pop. 1 (3 ind.), Gaudeul, p.90

, Pop. 3 (1 ind.), Gaudeul, p.64

, Pop. 5 (1 ind

, Pop. 6 (1 ind.), Gaudeul, p.19

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