The LPT is based at the University of Toulouse. It has been founded in 1991 and its administrative structure was established in 2003. Before 2003, researchers where rassembled in the Group of Theoretical Physics. This group was hosted by the Laboratoire de Physique Quantique (now LCPQ).

The LPT is member of IRSAMC (The Institute of Research on Complex Atomic and Molecular Systems).

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[hal-02132487] Interdependence of sectors of economic activities for world countries from the reduced Google matrix analysis of WTO data  (18/05/2019)  
We apply the recently developed reduced Google matrix algorithm for the analysis of the OECD-WTO world network of economic activities. This approach allows to determine interdependences and interactions of economy sectors of several countries, including China, Russia and USA, properly taking into account the influence of all other world countries and their economic activities. Within this analysis we also obtain the sensitivity of economy sectors and EU countries to petroleum activity sector. We show that this approach takes into account multiplicity of network links with economy interactions between countries and activity sectors thus providing more rich information compared to the usual export-import analysis.

[hal-02130752] Thermal conductivity of the degenerate one-dimensional Fermi gas  (17/05/2019)  
[hal-02125119] Secular dynamics of long-range interacting particles on a sphere in the axisymmetric limit  (11/05/2019)  
[hal-02115530] Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis  (16/05/2019)  
[hal-02114063] Collective intelligence defines biological functions in Wikipedia as communities in the hidden protein connection network  (07/05/2019)